Paramedic EPIC Program In Grey County May Be Ending

Mike Muir, Grey County Paramedic Services Director. ( file photo)

An innovative program in Grey County providing people with in-home medical care may have to end.

Expanding Paramedicine in the Community (EPIC) has been underway for about two years.

Paramedics have been visiting patients in their home, assessing them and providing care in consultation with their doctor. It had been funded by the province to the tune of about $700, 000.

But Director of Paramedic Services Mike Muir says the money is about to run out, and there’s no indication more is coming.

“We’re disappointed that we have to shut it down. Everybody’s worked very hard at this, the community paramedics, the patients have worked with us as well to help them and the other members of the health care team. We’d be very disappointed to shut it down,” says Muir.

Muir suggests people who want the program to continue to contact provincial health officials as well as their MPP.