Mayor McMillen Reflects On 2016 In Perth East file photo.

Looking back on 2016, East Perth Mayor Bob McMillen says the municipality had a good year.

He says despite funding cuts, they were able to get most of their projects completed.

“Well there’s always a list of things to do and I think all our capital projects went ahead as planned and perhaps even under budget. The typical challenge that all municipalities have is the reduced funding from the provincial government.”

McMillen says 2017 will be about maintaining existing services while trying to mitigate overspending based on those now annual OMPF cuts for municipalities. He says Council will do it’s best to generate funding elsewhere, though that is becoming more and more scarce due to so many cuts from the province. As far as upcoming projects for 2017, there’s one big one that comes to mind.

“Everyone in and around the area of Milverton is hoping for natural gas. We are encouraged that the Ontario Energy Board has made a decision and we are hopeful that the project can proceed but that is dependant on Union Gas crunching the numbers and seeing if it is truly viable.”