‘Shaping Our Future’ Continues To Be Hanover’s Theme

(BlackburnNews.com file photo)

2016 saw a recurring theme in the Town Hanover.

A theme of “Shaping Our Future” according to Mayor Sue Paterson.

Reflecting back on the top ten highlights of the past year, Paterson points to the Launchpad Youth Activity and Technology Centre as the number one highlight.

“They did a Phase 2 renovation which was just exciting and lots of things happening and they put in a commercial kitchen, an event area, a classroom and they’re working towards developing skills for our youth,” says Paterson.

Moving forward, Paterson feels strongly that the Town of Hanover is well positioned for the future through various upgrades and initiatives that have been undertaken.

“We have fibre optics for high tech businesses and industries, our downtown is re-energizing itself with facade improvement and streetscape plans and we’re slowly but steadily locating businesses in our east end,” notes Paterson.

Heading into 2017, there’s a lot that’ll be happening in Hanover including three new subdivisions, further development within the business park and of course a new senior school that will replace J.D.S.S.