Goderich Youth Committee Lists Priorities

BlackburnNews.com photo

The recently-formed Youth Committee in Goderich has already come up with a list of priorities.

Economic Development and Tourism Co-ordinator James Cox says the committee has 17 members – ranging in age from 12 to 18 or 19.

Cox says their first priority is finding ways they can improve youth programming in the town and more opportunities for young people to connect with each other. The second priority is economic development.

Cox says they want to able to stay in their community and eventually raise families here, and they can’t do that if there are no jobs, affordable housing, and all of the other amenities that attract young families.

Cox says their interest in economic development surprised him a little, but when he looked at the bigger picture – it made perfect sense that young people would want to have a community that was prospering and offered something for young families.