2016 A Successful Year In North Perth

North Perth Mayor Julie Behrns. (Blackburn News stock photo)

As 2016 nears itsĀ end, municipalities are preparing for 2017 during budget time.

North Perth Mayor Julie Behrns says this year was very successful, and she highlighted some of the big achievements the municipality completed.

“Our year has been incredibly busy, incredibly successful,” she says. “A lot of projects are moving forward in the municipality such as the new rec complex. The new school opened, the North Perth Spinrite Child and Family Centre as well.”

Behrns says that among many items, one stands out going forward into 2017.

“I think personally, my personal item that we need to move forward is the Monkton Fire Hall. It’s been on the slate for a couple years, we’ve seriously looked at it. We know we can probably have a partnership on it with Perth County EMS,” she says.

Behrns also notes the Northwest quadrant of Listowel needs storm management upgrades, and the Monkton and Atwood library situations need handled as well.

She also says with funding cuts from the province, the fact that so many community members lend support and funding to better the community is outstanding.