Huron County Considers Implementing Shared Community Emergency Management Coordinator image

Huron County council has endorsed a proposal from its Chief of Emergency Services that the county implement a county shared Community Emergency Management Coordinator.

Jeff Horseman pointed out each lower-tier municipality is required to have someone in that position, but it’s not a full-time position, and is usually filled by someone who has other main responsibilities. Horseman says those people are trained but don’t have the expertise that would be provided by county personnel providing the service for all of the lower-tier municipalities that join the program.

Horseman explains the success of the program does not depend on all of the lower-tier municipalities joining, but there would have to be enough participation to make the county position viable. He says so far eight of the nine municipalities have expressed interest in the program.

Horseman says the shared Community Emergency Management Coordinator won’t likely reduce costs, but it will provide a better and more consistent program and better public education. Horseman says the proposal still has to be confirmed at January’s county council meeting, and then they’ll start advertising for the position. He says he hopes they have the program up and running early next year.