Walkerton Looking For New BIA Members

BlackburnNews.com photo

The future of Walkerton’s Business Improvement Area Association remains uncertain following the December 1 mass resignation of all eight board members.

Many of those members were at last night’s council meeting hoping to see what direction council might take moving forward.

Councillor Dean Leifso says he was shocked over the resignations saying it’s regrettable that all members found themselves in such a position.

“When you devote that much time and effort to something and all you receive is criticism, it’s not right that you should be subject to this type of verbal and email abuse when basically you’re just trying to help the community in putting out your volunteer time and effort,” says Leifso.

Mayor David Inglis noted while there really isn’t much that council can do to change what happened, they’ll certainly help if and where they can.

A report submitted by Clerk and CAO Debra Roth states the need to be proactive and protect the integrity of their committee membership from any forms of harassment, as they work to fill the positions in early 2017.

Nominations for BIA Board Members are open until December 30.