2017 IPM Souvenirs Now On Sale

Hats for the 2017 IPM.

International Plowing Match souvenirs are now available for Christmas shoppers looking for something special.

2017 IPM Marketing Co-ordinator Emily Morrison says they have a wide range of jackets, golf shirts, t-shirts and hats, and they can be found at Huron Feeding Systems in Brussels or at the home of Allan and Karen Carter, who are co-chairs of the Souvenir committee and have converted their home in Seaforth into an IPM Souvenir store.

Morrison adds one of the most popular items is the souvenir truck, and this year’s truck is so popular that it’s sold out already. Morrison says more will be available in February, but if anyone would like one as a Christmas present they can call Allan or Karen Carter at 522-0399 to place an order. They can also request a picture of the truck to be placed in a card.

Morrison explains the 2017 IPM truck is unique in that it has a livestock trailer rather than a cargo trailer. It also has a tri-axle rather than a double axle.

2017 IPM

2017 IPM