Cardiac Care Improvements For Kincardine And SBGHC

Cardiac care is about to get a lot better for patients in Kincardine and surrounding areas.

Collaboration between Kincardine and the London Health Sciences Centre is bringing world class cardiac care to local patients.

A new program linking Kincardine and experts in cardiology at the London Health Sciences Centre will bring 24/7 access to urgent care if and when needed.

“What we now have available to us here, beginning in Kincardine, is access to world class cardiologists who not only will come to Kincardine to see patients, we will have our patients fast tracked to get to London for cardiac care,” says SBGHC CEO Paul Rosebush.

From weekly visits by a cardiologist, to heart imaging, surgery and treatments; patients will now be better served according to Dr. Gary Gurbin, chair of the Kincardine Family Health Team.

“We can offer our patients in the area care and cardiac investigations and cardiac surgery and cardiac ongoing management that are as good as anywhere in the world,” says Gurbin.

Kincardine will also have assistance if and when the need arises via a direct emergency room line to the cardiologist on-call for London Health Sciences.

“There’s lots of patients here to be seen and what’s nice about coming up here is the patients that are here, generally haven’t been seen by a number of other people; they’re really grateful to see a specialist and to have their care taken care of in their community,” says Dr. Gerard Shoemaker, a cardiologist at London Health Sciences Centre.

All parties involved do agree that having these added services, world class medical services for cardiac care, will be beneficial economically as well.

“This is actually something that can bring revenue to the system and help support the services at our local hospitals,” says Gurbin. “There is actually an income stream from doing some of these technical services that are being done in other areas now.”