North Perth Approves Recommendation For Potential Residential Growth

( file photo)

North Perth Council has approved an amendment to the proposed Nichol Properties application.

The application concerns a large chunk of potential residential land at the edge of Listowel.

CAO Kriss Snell says the municipality is always encouraging growth.

“We’re always encouraging development, economic development in North Perth. Residential, commercial and industrial. We believe all development will help our local economy,” says┬áSnell.

Snell says it was originally suggested that council defer the amendment to Perth County Council, but council decided to approve it and the potential for residential growth on the property, which sits just south of Line 86 and west of Hwy. 23.

“Council did recommend to Perth County Council that this amendment be adopted to designate the Nichol Properties into the urban serviced area, which will allow it to be developed into residential properties in the future,” says┬áSnell.