Saugeen Shores Police Get Direction From Community Survey

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Results have been released from the 2016 Saugeen Shores Police Community Survey.

414 residents responded to the survey — almost 100 more than three years ago.

On the question of level of crime in Saugeen Shores over the past three years, nearly 42% of respondents felt the level had increased, while 44% felt it was about the same.

In answering a question about community safety, 98% of respondents indicated they felt very safe or reasonably safe in their home and neighbourhood. 92% felt very safe or reasonably safe at the beach, in parks, or on trails.

And on a question of police enforcement priorities – drug enforcement topped the results at 84%, followed by traffic enforcement at 82.7%, RIDE and impaired driving at 81%, and violence against women at 79.5%.

This survey will be part of the material supplied to the members of the Business Planning Committee in January.

Saugeen Shores Police are preparing their 2017- 2019 Strategic-Business Plan and this survey will assist the Committee in planning and shaping the police service.