GTA Based Solar Company Planning Project In Brockton

(File photo courtesy of pedrojperez via morgueFile)

A representative from GenGrowth, a solar energy company, says they’re planning a small scale solar project in Brockton.

David Singer says that over the next decade, solar will be on par with or possibly be cheaper than current renewable energy sources.

“These are fixed contract rates, they won’t increase over time,” he says. “When you compare the prices that these projects are being bid in for right now, versus what we’re expecting energy rates to increase to over the next ten-20 years, you’ll find these solar projects are quite competitive.”

Singer says with rising costs of energy, more municipalities may lean toward more solar projects, because of that cheaper long-term cost.

“There’s pros and cons of any type of energy development, there’s no perfect solution. But prices for renewable energy across the board have been coming down, solar more than any other sort of energy source at this point. Even compared to more traditional forms of energy sources,” he says.

Brockton Council welcomed Singer in this week asking for council’s approval of the small-scale solar project. Singer added that the project, which will take up no more than 5 acres, will be put on on-prime agricultural soil.