Women’s House Bruce/Grey Promoting Child Witness Program

Tiffany Love of Women’s House Serving Bruce/Grey gave a presentation to Brockton Council Monday night.

Love was there to give details on the Child Witness program, which assists mother’s and children dealing with witnessing or being the victim of violence in the home, and many other issues. She also requested some form of donation from Brockton council.

Love says they are working a lot in the area with local youth.

“We actually see there’s quite a large need for it. Specifically for youth,” she says. “The Child Witness councilors are running a lot of group counseling programs in schools, going to the youth where their at, and trying to help the youth out as best we can.”

Love says a big problem today is harmful coping mechanisms that youth are using to deal with issues they have.

“There’s been such an increase in cutting, suicidal ideas, self harm behaviours, aggression, anxiety. Sometimes they feel overwhelmed all the time, they have depression. So being able to provide a service that gives front line counseling to these youth is really important to us,” she says

Love says the Women’s House website, at www.whsbg.on.ca, is a great way to find out about fundraising events, or to get service if it’s needed.

They also have two 24-hour support lines that can be called for assistance. The Women’s House Support Line can be reached anytime at 1-800-265-3026, and the Sexual Assault Support Line can be reached anytime at 1-866-578-5566.