Garvey Glenn Storm Water Management Project Continues

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The general manager of the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority is pleased with the progress being made on the Garvey Glenn storm water management system in Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh.

Phil Beard explains they have worked with landowners to put in over 2 km of grassed waterways to help funnel storm water. They have also constructed eight erosion control berms that will slow the water down and prevent flooding and erosion down stream.

They are working on buffer strips on the side of the water course this fall.

Beard says it’s taken an investment of about $200,000 from landowners and government bodies to complete this year’s projects.  They plan to move on to other sub basins in the Garvey Glenn over the next few years until they get the entire 4,000 acre watershed completed.

Beard adds with changing climate conditions and more intense precipitation events, it’s becoming more important to do everything possible to keep water on the land longer so that the nutrients remain in the soil, and flooding and erosion are reduced.

(MVCA photo)

(MVCA photo)