Huron Board Of Health In Favour Of Wind Turbine Study

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The Huron County Board of Health has voted in favour of partnering with the University of Waterloo and Wind Concerns Ontario on a study of the health impacts of wind turbines in Huron County.

It was made clear to board members the health unit’s commitment is limited to collecting date and analyzing that data, and nothing more than that, and it was also pointed out the participation of the health unit would not result in any additional costs.

Spokesperson for the Concerned Citizens of Huron Patti Kellar says she’s happy that the board has agreed to move ahead with the study, but maintains it should have happened six months ago. She believes there’s no doubt the study will find a relationship between proximity to turbines and health problems, because she experiences them herself. Kellar says she hopes that once that link has been established the wind energy companies will halt the operation of the turbines, and work with residents to address their concerns. She adds she would like to see them removed, but admits realistically that’s not likely to happen.

Kellar says not everyone feels the affects of the turbines, but maintains people with a health issue will find that aggravated by the turbines, and anyone who is predisposed with a health problem will find that problem will be triggered by the presence of wind turbines.