(photo by Victor Young)

New EMS Headquarters In Stratford Hosts County Councillors

Perth County Council had a change of venue for Thursday’s meeting. They gathered in the new EMS headquarters on Douro St. in Stratford.

Council met in the main room of the new building which moved paramedics from the hospital into their own dedicated facility, which was finished in June.

EMS chief Linda Rockwood says the building is completely operational.

“The administrative staff all transitioned in June and that allowed us the opportunity to get in and figure out how things work,” she says. “What’s the best operational use of some of the spaces you’re best laid plans? You think it’s going to work this way and so you kind of tweak them and we did a lot of that and then the paramedics moved in officially July 27.”

A grand opening and public tours of the new EMS headquarters in Stratford is scheduled for September 17.