Huron County Has Cycling Fund Application Rejected

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The provincial government recently announced $10-million would be available for local cycling infrastructure projects.

Thirty seven municipalities across Ontario received funding under the program, but none of that money will find its way to Huron County.

Huron County Planning Director Scott Tousaw explains in order to be eligible, the application has to have the support of a municipality, so Huron County was asked to partner with the Goderich to Guelph Trail group, which they did.    The application however was not successful.

Tousaw suggests that maybe the creation of Huron’s Cycling Strategy this year might result in a more favourable decision in future years.

Huron County Engineer Steve Lund sits on the County’s Cycling committee as well as the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund committee.   He explains the model currently being used is an application-based model, which is based on criteria like assessment and financial return.  If those factors are healthy, that municipality tends not to get the funding.

Lund suggests a formula-based model would be better for Huron County.  He says that works like the gas tax in that everyone gets a share of the pot, based on things like population and geography.  So under a formula-based model Huron, would have at least received some of what in this case was a ten-million dollar pot.