Bruce Taking Wind Energy Out Of Official Plan

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Bruce County council is taking references to wind energy out of its official plan.

Sitting as the planning and development committee, county council voted 8-0 to approve an official plan amendment that removes wind energy from a section of the plan that speaks encouraging the development of alternate energy sources within the county.

Brockton Mayor David Inglis is the committee chair and says it’s a message to Queen’s Park that the county will not support any further industrial wind energy projects, building on their declaration as an unwilling host in 2013.

While he admits it’s largely a symbolic gesture because the Green Energy Act overrides any county legislation, Inglis says it’s an issue that continues to require attention.

“If a developer wants to put in turbines, they can put in turbines,” says Inglis. “But this, we hope, sends a message that for our county, that maybe enough is enough.”

Inglis adds he’s optimistic they’re getting through to the provincial government, pointing out there appears to be fewer wind energy projects being proposed in Bruce County compared to a few years ago.

The official plan amendment is expected to be officially adopted by county council next month.