Perth-Wellington M.P. John Nater Attends North Perth Council

John Nater, Perth-Wellington Conservative M.P.

North Perth Council welcomed a special guest Monday night.

Perth-Wellington MP John Nater was there to give council an update on some happenings at the provincial and federal level.   Nater is visiting the 11 councils in Perth-Wellington, and was also informing council on services his offices can help with.

“Anything regarding employment insurance, Canada Revenue Agency issues like tax concerns, citizenship and immigration concerns, we can assist people with that among many other things.”

Nater has an office in Harriston and Stratford, and encourages anyone with concerns to contact those outlets anytime. Also being addressed by Nater was the new budget, which has some big negatives in his eyes, but also carries some positives.

“I’m really concerned with the deficit that the government will run, which amounts to $113 billion over the next 5 years. I’m also not happy that there is no new money available for roads and bridges. There is money for other infrastructure initiatives, but not for things like roads and bridges which are important to places like Perth-Wellington.”

Nater countered this with some of the positive aspects of the budget, stating that he was happy there is $500 million being made available over the next 5 years for rural broadband, though the roll-out of the money is slim in the first 2 years. MP Nater also stated there is no real attention being paid toward agriculture, with just 2 pages set aside for agriculture in the 269 page budget document.

“This is unacceptable for an area like Perth-Wellington, more attention has to be put toward agriculture. The industry is changing, and it needs to be addressed, particularly a ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and business risk-management programs.”

Nater also had time to address the new development concerning Ontario students. The Liberal government recently unveiled its new “free tuition” plan for Ontario students, which has caused some raised eyebrows over just who is applicable and how many it will really affect.

“I think it’s taking with one hand and giving with the other. At the end of the day, you’re cancelling different tax credits, text book credits, education credits, and this will come up in the wash. I think the “free tuition” really isn’t free at all.”