Rural Ontario Institute Defends Rural Importance

Mark Cassidy, Rural Ontario Institute. (photo by Bob Montgomery)

A spokesperson for the Rural Ontario Institute says they understand the majority of people live in urban centres, but¬†rural Ontario has important things to say and contribute, and they’re working to make sure that message finds its way to those urban centres.

Mark Cassidy describes the Institute’s role as providing vision, a voice, and leadership to communities throughout the Province. ¬†They also provide information and guidance that will inform policies and decisions that are made at the Provincial level, but impact rural Ontario communities.

Cassidy points out that while the urban centres have the population, rural residents are the stewards of much of the land in the Province as well as shorelines, and play a significant role in mitigating the impact of climate change.

He adds, to that end they work closely with the Ministries of Municipal Affairs as well Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.