Huron Rural Lens Could Filter Out Across the Province

(Left to right) Sheila Shuehlein, President Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health; Mark Cassidy, Project Manager, Ontario Rural Institute; Jim Ginn, Chair Huron Sustainability Committee; Paul Nichol, Huron Business Development Corporation. (photo by Bob Montgomery)

The Rural Ontario Institute and the Huron Business Development Corporation have teamed up to support the Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health in implementing a rural lens to be used by rural governments and organizations.

Rural Ontario Institute Project Manager Mark Cassidy explains the Huron Rural Lens is a tool that was developed by Doctor Wayne Caldwell to be used by rural municipalities and organizations in setting policies.

The Rural Ontario Institute is providing 15-thousand dollars in financial support as well as a team of researchers to implement the project.

The Huron Business Development Corporation is adding another five-thousand dollars and the project is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

Mark Cassidy also explains the model could be applied to any rural municipality and could be used by urban municipalities as well, as there is no charge for the program.