New Huron County Rural Health Policy Coming

The Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health logo. (Photo submitted)

The Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health is now in the process of implementing a Healthy Rural Policy Lens for Huron County.

Gateway President Sheila Schuehlein is the project manager and she explains that other stakeholders have produced a rural lens for provincial government but the Health Rural Lens Policy is designed for use by decision-makers in Huron County.

Schuehlein says there are ten pillars in the program that will help project managers for a number of initiatives identify their target market in Huron County and how to deliver to that market.

She adds for any organization looking at where they want to be in five years, Healthy Rural Policy Lens provides an excellent overview of what Huron County is and who lives here and who you might want to deliver your program to.

Schuehlein says there is free education available to anyone who wants help in understanding the program and how to deliver it.

The ten pillars are populations, community needs, health, active communities, transportation, livable communities, natural environment, energy conservation, economy, agriculture and downtowns.