North Huron By-law Helps Emergency Responders

North Huron Council Chambers. ( file photo)

North Huron adopted two new by-laws this week, including a copy of Wellington North’s anti-fortification by-law.

The by-law deals with anyone deemed to be intentionally impeding the safe entrance of emergency responders to a property or site.

“There is no specific fine attached to the by-law, but based on the severity of the incident and evidence put forth, the Justice of the Peace can impose whatever penalty or fine he sees fit,” says┬áby-law officer Tim Lewis.

Lewis also notes that the fines are typically quite large in sum, but property owners and businesses┬ádon’t need to worry about being in violation, so long as there is always a safe entrance to the property for emergency responders.

“As long as the municipality deems that it is safe for emergency responders to safely enter a specific property or site, this by-law wouldn’t apply to citizens or businesses,” he says.

North Huron also adopted Stratford’s Lightweight Construction Identification by-law.