Milverton Four Wheel Drives Celebrate 50 Years

Milverton Four Wheel Drives' logo.

Milverton’s WOAA Senior hockey team, the Four Wheel Drives, turns 50 this year.

President Kevin Varley says the team is welcoming back former alumni for a celebration this weekend, including four members of the original 1966 squad. Those alumni will take part in a ceremonial puck drop before the game Saturday against Tavistock. Varley spoke about being a member of the historic organization.

“It’s been really nice to be part of this club,” Varley says about the historic organization. “I’ve been with the Four Wheel Drives over ten years now, and used to be a linesman in the league and always enjoyed coming to Milverton. The team is really special to the community, and meeting lots of people through it over the years has been great.”

The game on Saturday will also feature a silent auction and a social event with the alumni and fans following the game.

“50 years is pretty special, and we have had loads of other teams from the league reaching out to congratulate us on it,” says Varley.

Four Wheel Drive hockey is the oldest active team in the current WOAA Senior league.