Emergency Responders Safety In Mind With New By-Law

(BlackburnNews.com file photo)

North Huron has adopted Stratford’s Lightweight Construction by-law.

Similar to the new anti-fortification by-law, its main intent is to protect emergency responders.

Fire Chief David Sparling says the lightwieght construction by-law will help emergency crews through the use of decals.

“So there are three decals to choose from. The first one “F” means there is lightweight flooring, “R” indicates lightweight roofing, and “FR” indicates that both are present in the building,” ¬†he says.

Lightweight materials are commonly used in building construction nowadays, and can become engulfed in flames and collapse rather quickly. In some instances in Canada and the US, fire crews have become trapped and even lost their lives in buildings where these materials have gave way.

Chief Sparling says the by-law is being introduced for this year, and that there is no cost to compliance with the by-law.

“The municipality is issuing the decals to buildings that apply free of charge. As of now, there are no fees for non-compliance as it is just being introduced,” he says. “The only thing I imagine would get you in trouble is if you removed the decals after they were issued to you.”

Startford introduced the by-law a few years ago, and most municipalities around Ontario have begun adopting it as well, as it helps keep emergency responders safe and aware when they enter a site with these lightweight materials.