New Brockton CAO Debra Roth Enjoying New Post

New Brockton Council CAO Debra Roth says the first few weeks at her new post have been busy, but council is already tackling numerous service reviews early this year.

A public meeting for municipal services review is coming up in February with public meetings already held. Roth explained there’s more coming after that, as council will hold a meeting on February 29 to go over the municipal services review meetings to decide what new measures to take.

“Council is going to have a special meeting to go over the municipal services review findings, and then start reviewing operational and organizational aspects, so we can best address our staffing and how things are carried out within the municipality as well,” she says.

Roth also touched on the new frozen pipeline by-law package, which was presented to council by the manager of operations at Monday’s meeting.

Roth says the costing and repair responsibilities will remain the way the always have, but Roth says, “the only major difference will be that people will receive notice from the county who had damage as a result of the last two¬†years and extreme cold circumstances. The new package and details will be online when council adopts the by-law, and that’s the best place to go to see the new changes.”