Hanover Trucker Charged After Passing Plow

A Highway Traffic Act charge has been laid against a truck driver from Hanover for passing a snow plow in an unsafe manner.

A motorist contacted the Perth County OPP Wednesday evening to report that a tractor trailer was being driven in a dangerous way.

Police were able to determine that a plow was working on Hwy. 23 between Monkton and Bornholm, and travelled at a speed of 40 km/h.  There were several vehicles behind the plow, including two tractor trailers.

The last tractor trailer pulled out and passed the vehicles behind the plow, forcing the other tractor trailer onto the west shoulder.   The tractor trailer then passed the plow and continued south towards Mitchell.

A short time later, police pulled over the tractor trailer in Mitchell. The driver, a 62-year-old-man from Hanover, was charged with passing when the roadway was not clear.

The OPP remind all motorists that passing a snow plow is dangerous.