Digging Out In Midwestern Ontario

BlackburnNews.com photo

There is a lot of snow to move today, and drivers and other Midwestern Ontario residents are asked to be patient.

Plows, graders and other snow-moving equipment are working.

There are still a number of highway closures in the area this morning because of whiteout conditions and drifted sections.

(Please click on the closures section of the website for the updated list of road closures)

Roads that are open are track bare, snow packed and slippery with heavy drifting spots. Visibliity is poor at times because of a blowing snow and localized snow squall bands coming off Lake Huron.

More snow, and lake-effect squalls are forecast for today.  A snow squall warning remains in effect for all of the area.  An additional 10 cm to 20 cm is possible tonight and tomorrow.  Rain is in the forecast for Friday.