North Perth Council Elects Committee For Monkton Fire Station Project

North Perth council met Monday night, and the issue of a proposed replacement of the Monkton Fire Station was brought forward.

North Perth Fire Chief Ed Smith was present so council could elect two members to sit on the committee for the Monkton Fire Station replacement project.

Chief Smith commented on why the replacement of the station in Monkton is necessary.

“The facility was built in 1962, and it’s starting to show its age, and was also built for the trucks of that day. We are outgrowing it,” Chief Smith says.

The Chief also says the first step will be to review the drawings being done by an engineer.   Chief Smith also says “this will be very different from the Listowel station, as this is just an outlying satellite station. But we want to first make sure we have a plan that creates a facility that suits our needs.”

The municipality owns land next to the current station in Monkton where the arena once was, and the Chief says that is where they will propose the new facility be built.

North Perth council elected Mayor Julie Behrns and Deputy Mayor Doug Kellum to serve on the Monkton Fire Station Replacement committee, at the Chief’s request.