Grey Bruce Resident Named Activist Of The Year

Grey Bruce Labour Council President Hazel Pratt-Paige presents Dvid McLaren with the Community Activist of the Year Award.
A community organizer has been recognized by the Grey Bruce Labour Council.

David McLaren has been named the council’s Community Activist of the Year.

McLaren ran for the N-D-P in the recent federal election.  He’s also been behind a study on precarious employment in Grey Bruce.  McLaren was recognized for his efforts at the Grey Labour Council’s annual Christmas gathering.  He says it’s important to him to be recognized by the labour movement.

“We can thank labour unions for a 40 hour week, we can thank them for maternity leave, we can thank them for holiday pay we can thank them for a whole whack of things that we forget came from the labour movement,” said McLaren.

He adds it’s important the labour movement is recognizing the problem of low wage, temporary work with no security.
“The stories that I heard from talking to people in this region are really kind of scary.  People are simply not getting enough to get to the end of the month and that’s causing real hardship for their families and it causes real hardship in local communities.”

A second award was handed out.  Ronda Peters of Hanover was named by the Grey Bruce Labour Council the Health and Safety Activist of the year.