Atwood and Monkton Libraries Get Residents’ Support

Monkton Library (left), Atwood Library (right)

The future of the small library branches in Atwood and Monkton is unknown.

A number of residents from the two communities made presentations to North Perth council last night, stressing the importance of the libraries.

The 2015 budget cut some financial support to the two libraries, and council is still trying to determine whether or not to close them and centralize to the Listowel location only.

There were 4 presentations in total, including one by Atwood resident Kim Buchanan, who stated that the libraries in the two rural communities are “important social hubs for the town”, and that “families rely on the reading programs offered in their communities.”

Council decided to host at least one public meeting to hear more from local residents and members of the Library Board.

A date for that public meeting was not set.

A recent Feasibility Study conducted by the North Perth Library Board showed that the attendance per capita in the Atwood and Monkton libraries is well above the provincial average.

But due to aging facilities which don’t include stroller and disability access, as well as upkeep costs estimated at $600,000 this year alone, there is a threat the two branches may be closed.

The Library Feasibility Study and the Library Board financial report will soon be made available on the North Perth website as well as the library site.