Atwood Pet Food Supplies Ltd. Destroyed By Fire

Photo by Kirk Dickson

It’s a sad day for the owners and employees of Atwood Pet Food Supplies Limited after fire tore through the office and truck loading bays of the company this morning.

Flames were spotted after midnight at the plant on Hwy. 23 just south of Atwood.

Firefighters from at least three Perth County stations spent the entire night bringing the blaze under control.

They were still hosing down hot spots at mid-morning, and were bringing in heavy equipment to knock down the remaining structure.

Owner Dave Smith says plans are being made to get service to customers back to normal as soon as possible.

“We’re working on a plan, putting a plan in place to get our service back to normal, or as much of normal as we can, but our primary concern is the service to our customers. We still want to service  the customers in some way here, in some fashion, we’ve got a plan together that will probably do that for us.” says Smith.

Hwy. 23 from Line 66 to Perth Line 71 had been closed for several hours during the fire. It has now reopened.