Hockey puck. © Can Stock Photo / albund

Jr. hockey Wrap Up- April 28, 2019

The London Nationals were defeated by the Waterloo Siskins 5-4  in overtime in Game 2 in Waterloo on Sunday.

The Nationals started the game off quickly with a goal from Christian Polillo 0:36 into the first period. George Diaco scored for the Nationals at 16:07 on a power play.

In the second period, the Siskins came back with a vengeance with a goal from Brett Schaefer at 2:10, and a goal from Matthew Prucha at 3:38, putting the game at a tie. Kyle Dawson broke the tie and put the Nationals in the lead by one point at 10:02.

Waterloo’s Owen Lane put the game at yet another tie at 9:06 into the third period. The Nationals’ Cal Davis scored on a power play at 18:05.  Jedd Schrattner answered back with a goal on a powerplay for the Siskins, forcing the game into overtime.

Sam Spaedt scored the game-winning goal in overtime for Waterloo.

The next game is on Wednesday in London. Puck drops at 19:44.