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Jr. Hockey wrap-up – April 25, 2019

The battle for the Sutherland cup begins.

The London Nationals were defeated by the Waterloo Siskins  9-4 in Game one in London on Thursday.

Waterloo started off the game strong with a goal from Alex Lycett 16:46 into the first period.  Owen Lane scored another goal for the Siskins shortly after.

Josh Castle scored the first goal for the Nationals at 1:02 into the second period. The Siskins’ Lane scored two back-to-back goals, putting Waterloo in the lead by 3 points. Sam Cherry extended that lead, scoring at 18:48.

Benton Hayes scored quickly into the third period at 1:23. The Nationals’ Noah Tooke worked hard to lessen Waterloo’s lead by scoring once at 13:51 and again at 16:38.  The Nationals gave the Siskins’  easy goals when Cherry and Winston Checknik both scored on an empty net, putting Waterloo in the lead by 5 points. The Nationals Kyle Dawson 19:12 into the period, but it just wasn’t enough to slow down Waterloo who scored another goal by Alex Lycett, putting the Siskins’ in the lead by 54 points and finishing the game.

London goaltender Zachary Springer saved 14 out of 18 shots on net. Jukka Schotter saved 18 out of 21 shots on net.

The next game is on Sunday in Waterloo. Puck drops at 1:30 p.m.