London Reporter On Express Boot

Windsor Express fans react after a big play at the WFCU Centre, March 4, 2014. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

A veteran columnist for the London Free Press is shocked he was barred from covering Game 7 of the NBL Canada conference final between the Windsor Express and London Lightning.

“Really, this is really strange because in 40 years in the business this has never happened to me,” says Morris Dalla Costa, who has been covering the league since its inception three years ago.

Dalla Costa was told by WFCU Centre staff just before the game Tuesday night that Windsor Express owner Dartis Willis would not allow him into the building to cover the game and Dalla Costa would have to leave.

“I’m a little shocked at the commissioner who has a league that’s so desperate for publicity that he would basically not do anything about it; that’s the one thing that sort of surprised me,” says Dalla Costa. “It’s not the type of publicity they want. You know I’ve got a ton of emails from people who didn’t even know the league existed and for this to be the first time that they’ve heard about a league that obviously is so insecure they have to kick out columnists and kick out people who have different opinions, I don’t think that it’s a particularly good thing.”

Despite being stopped from covering the game, Dalla Costa is urging fans not to give up on the league which he believes has a highly entertaining product that is under sold.