Londoner wins $50K on Crossword scratch ticket

Kayla Albert of London smiles under her face mask while holding a $50K cheque for winning on a Crossword scratch ticket. Photo via OLG Communications.

The decision to pick up a scratch ticket at a local pharmacy quite literally paid off for one lucky London woman.

Kayla Albert has a good reason to celebrate after she won the $50,000 top prize on an Instant Crossword scratch ticket. The 32-year-old said she’s only played the lottery for three years, with Crossword and Scrabble tickets being her favourite games.

While she usually enjoys playing the game and scratching off the whole card, Albert said she did not have the chance to do so on her winning ticket.

“I usually play the whole ticket, but I was rushing to head out for a walk with my kids, so I only scratched the bar code and quickly checked it using the OLG App,” said Albert. “I was so shocked to see I won. I couldn’t believe it!”

Albert said her sister grew emotional when she informed her about her win. She also said her boyfriend was happy for her too.

When asked what she plans to do with the funds, Albert explained she already has some exciting plans. She said she is going to move into a new apartment, purchase a new vehicle, spoil her children a bit and buy her family something nice.

The winning ticket was purchased at a Shoppers Drug Mart location on Richmond Street.