Londoner wins $11.2M in Lotto 6/49

Londoner Jeff McNally stands with his novelty cheque for over $11.2 million. Photo courtesy of the OLG.

A London father is looking at an early retirement after winning $11.2 million in a recent Lotto 6/49.

Jeffrey McNally, 57, won the multi-million dollar jackpot in the May 14 draw.

McNally, who works in engineering, says he plans to share his newfound wealth with family and give up the working life.

“I’ll start with buying my parents a house and celebrate by taking a trip with my son,” he said. “I used to dream of living this life – living in a nice house and not having to work – now I can!”

McNally said that, once he heard that the winning ticket for the draw was sold in London, he checked his numbers at a convenience store right away.

“I saw the Big Winner screen and thought ‘What does this mean?’ I had no idea I won the big one until the validation slip printed. It felt like a dream,” he said.

McNally said he has been a regular lottery player for 15 years.