PM Trudeau lifts Emergencies Act

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces the federal government is revoking the use of the Emergencies Act. February 23, 2022. (Capture via CPAC.)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is lifting the invocation of the Emergencies Act now that protests at border crossings and in Ottawa are over.

The act, which had never been used since it replaced the War Measures Act in the late 1980s, was invoked by the federal government on February 14 in an effort to end anti-vaccine mandate blockades. On Wednesday, Trudeau announced the government is revoking the use of the Act.

“After careful consideration, we’re ready to confirm that the situation is no longer an emergency,” Trudeau said during a news conference. “Therefore, the federal government will be ending the use of the Emergencies Act.”

Trudeau added that a joint committee of Parliamentarians will review the declaration of the act within 60 days. The inquiry will look into the circumstances that the led to the invocation of the act.

“Going forward it will be important that we gain a fuller understanding of what gave rise to this kind of disregard for laws and threat to our democracy,” Trudeau said. “While the immediate emergency situation is over, this issue won’t just go away.”

Shortly after Trudeau’s announcement, Premier Doug Ford announced the end Ontario’s state of emergency.

“In alignment with the federal government, Ontario will be terminating its declaration of a state of emergency as of 5 p.m. [Wednesday],” a statement from Ford’s office read.

Ford added that emergency tools provided to police will be maintained as officers continue to address ongoing activity on the ground.

“We remain grateful to all frontline workers and first responders that contributed to peacefully resolving the situation in Ottawa, Windsor and in other parts of the province,” Ford said.