More victims taken in by taxi scam

A suspect vehicle connected to a series of debit card frauds in London. Image provided by London Police Service.

London police say more victims have come forward to say they were duped by men operating a taxi scam that has allegedly brought in more than $100,000.

On Monday, police announced they were looking for two men who are accused of ripping off people who believed they were helping someone in need. On Thursday, police said they are now aware of 35 such incidents.

According to police, victims were approached by a man asking for help in paying for a taxi. In each case, the man told the victims that the driver would not accept cash because of COVID-19. Instead, he asked for their debit card to pay the fare and then gave them cash. However, the victims later discovered that large amounts of money were taken from their accounts and the debit cards returned to them were replicas.

Police say the scammers used two Nissan Altimas, one silver and the other black, as their fraudulent taxis.

“The London Police Service is encouraging citizens to remain vigilant to with respect to security of financial documents and access to electronic financial services,” police said in a news release issued Thursday. “While London police have not received additional reports involving this type of fraud since Monday January 10, criminals continually update their methods and techniques. Be especially cautious about being asked by strangers to make an unsolicited debit card transaction and, if in doubt, it is best to refuse.”

Police continue to look for two suspects.

The first suspect (shown below) is described as a male, 18 to 20 years old, wearing a puffy jacket, Timberland boots, a black hat and a medical mask. The second suspect is a male about 40 years of age, wearing all black clothing, a black hat and a mask.

Two suspects believed to be connected to a series of debit card frauds in London. Image provided by London Police Service.

Anyone with information in relation to these incidents, is asked to call the London Police Service Fraud Intake line at (519) 661-5515, extension 5257 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Information can also be sent in online anonymously to London Elgin Middlesex Crime Stoppers.