London’s indoor recreation facilities require proof of vaccine with QR code

Proof of vaccination QR code. (Photo courtesy of Lambton Public Health via Twitter.)

Those planning to attend recreational programs or facilities offered by the City of London will have to make sure they are carrying the correct vaccine certificate with them.

With just one more day until additional public restrictions go into effect, some community centres, arenas and indoor aquatics facilities will remain open on Tuesday. While proof of COVID-19 vaccine was already required to access indoor programs, the City said Londoners aged 12 and older will have to ensure they have the document with a QR code and not just the Ministry of Health slips provided after each dose of a vaccine.

“In line with new provincial regulations, as of January 4, 2022, only the enhanced vaccine certificate with a QR code will be accepted to access facilities where proof of vaccination is required,” read a release from the City of London.

The changes are not just in effect municipally, anyone 12 and up hoping to sit down for one last meal or drink in a restaurant on Tuesday will also have to ensure they have the correct paperwork with them.

The QR coded slip can be accessed or shown digitally or by printing a paper copy. Businesses and organizations will be able to validate an individual’s vaccine status by scanning a QR code with the Verify Ontario app. The app scans the code to determine if an individual’s certificate meets requirements for entry before the results are deleted 30 seconds later.

Those with medical exemptions will also be required to show a QR code starting January 10.

Enhanced vaccine certificates can be downloaded digitally online, or the City said Londoners can visit their local public library branch for assistance in printing the codes off. Certificates can be mailed to an individual by calling the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre at 1-833-943-3900. Service Ontario centres can also provide Ontarians with a printed copy.