London cops cleared in training accident

(File photo by Maureen Revait,

The province’s Special Investigations Unit has cleared two London police officers of any criminal wrongdoing after a training accident that saw a fellow officer shot in the eye with a non-lethal round.

The SIU was called in to investigate after the June 23, 2021 incident.

Acording to the SIU, an officer suffered an eye injury after being shot with the non-lethal round during a training exercise that included a mock hostage taking. Joseph Martino, the director of the SIU, determined that the officer was “largely responsible for the injury as he had momentarily lifted his eye goggles due to fogging.”

The officer was hit with the round while his goggles were lifted.

According to Martino, the training exercise was legitimate and organizers had taken steps to protect participants.

“It is highly unfortunate that the Complainant suffered an eye injury during the training exercise, but it was not the result of any carelessness or want of care on the part of the subject officials,” he said. “Organizers of the event, I am satisfied, had put in place reasonable safety precautions.”

Because of that, the file has been closed.