London lotto winners plan to treat themselves with lobster dinner, trip

Richard Goldrup and Davina Baillie show off their lottery winnings at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto. Photos courtesy of OLG.

Two Londoners. Two separate lottery wins. Two very different plans for the money.

A 65-year-old woman and a 70-year-old man, both from London, have won thousands of dollars in separate lotteries.

Richard Goldrup claimed $100,000 in the June 23 Ontario 49 draw. The retiree matched six of seven ENCORE numbers to take the six-figure prize.

“It was quite the surprise when I saw what I won. I was very excited,” Goldrup said while picking up his winnings at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto recently.

He plans to use his windfall to pay off his new car and bike.

“I’ll also celebrate with a nice lobster dinner,” Goldrup added.

For Davina Baillie, an Instant XWords scratch ticket led to an extra $75,000 in her bank account.

The personal support worker bought the ticket to cap off a day trip with her daughter and was shocked when her $3 purchase turned into a five-figure win.

“I was so excited, I couldn’t drive. It was the perfect day,” Baillie said “I called my daughter right away and she was jumping up and down with excitement.”

The 65-year-old added that she will use the money to go on a trip with her daughter.