The 519 Podcast presents: The Dark Age of London, Canada’s Serial Killer Capital

There are many things the city of London is known for.

From the tree cover that gives it its nickname “The Forest City” to Guy Lombardo to the world’s oldest baseball stadium, Labatt Park.

But did you know that London was also once considered by some to be the serial killer capital of Canada?

It sounds incredible, but from 1959 to 1984, it may just have earned that distinction.

It’s believed there were anywhere from 6-9 killers operating over the course of this time, committing more than 30 murders in total.

In this three-part series, the 519 Podcast looks at some of the cases including those of “The Tissue Slayer,” “The Chambermaid Slayer,” and “The Bedroom Strangler.”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3