Canadians heading to the polls September 20

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The Governor General has not objected to Prime Minister Trudeau’s request to dissolve Parliament, setting the stage for a federal election.

Trudeau met with Governor General Mary Simon Sunday morning in a move that will send Canadians to the polls next month.

News outlets were notified Saturday night that Trudeau would be heading to Rideau Hall at 10 a.m. EDT, where he was expected to ask Simon to dissolve the 43rd parliament and draw up the 338 writs of election. The election will be held on September 20, which is when the House of Commons had been set to return.

Many experts have said Trudeau is currently well-positioned to regain his majority government after being reduced to a minority in the 2019 federal election.  While this is likely a motivating factor for calling the election, many Canadians will likely question the timing as the country faces a fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the meeting with Simon, Trudeau spoke outside of Rideau Hall where he sought out his reasoning for a pandemic election while reopening and vaccination efforts are still underway.

“The decisions your government makes right now will define the future your kids and grandkids grow up in. So in this pivotal, consequential moment, who wouldn’t want a say? Who wouldn’t want their chance to help decide where our country goes from here? Canadians need to choose how we finish the fight against COVID-19 and build back better,” said Trudeau.

He added that the Liberals have the right plan, team and proven leadership to meet the moment.

“So to the other parties, please explain why you don’t think Canadians should have the choice? Why you don’t think that this is a pivotal moment?” said Trudeau.

Following Trudeau’s announcement, Erin O’Toole, the leader of Canada’s Conservatives, announced the launch of the Conservative Party’s federal election Sunday afternoon.

“This election is about who Canadians trust to secure their economic future, and secure the future for all Canadians,” said O’Toole in a statement. “We need a strong economy to support high wages for workers and get infrastructure built. We need a strong economy so that today’s Canadians can have confidence that tomorrow will be brighter for the next generation.”

O’Toole’s election platform includes removing jobs lost during the pandemic, enacting new anti-corruption laws, and balancing the budget over the next decade.

“Canada’s Conservatives have a detailed plan to get the economy surging in the right direction, for all Canadians, from every walk of life, so that we can continue to invest in our services and our healthcare,” said O’Toole.