King’s University College to fly Progress Pride flag for the first time

King’s Board of Directors Chair Kapil Lakhotia, LGBTQ2S+ advisory group member Thomas Gray, Holly Clarke, the President of King's University College Students' Council, and Dr. David Malloy, the Principal of King’s University College, unveil the Pride flag that will fly at King's

For the first time ever at the institution, the Progress Pride Flag will fly at King’s University College.

At a media event on Friday at the Catholic university college, the flag was unveiled. It will fly as of June 1, the start of Pride month.

“This is an important step in welcoming and fostering an inclusive, caring and affirming community at King’s for LGBTQ2S+ students and employees – for everyone. The Progress Pride flag signifies our openness and support for those on the margins who we want to affirm are fully part of our place, which is a place for everyone,” said King’s Principal Dr. David Malloy . “At King’s we respect the inherent dignity of all persons, and we stand in solidarity with those who experience discrimination or marginalization. We want everybody, including members of the LGBTQ2S+ community, to know that they have a place at King’s and will be welcomed with respect, compassion, and sensitivity,”

The Progress Pride flag represents the LGBTQ2S+ community, as well as marginalized individuals who are people of colour, and those living with AIDS, as well as those who have passed away from the illness.

However, it’s likely the decision will be met with some disagreement in some corners, which the institution addressed in a news release.

“The Catholic Church teaches that LGBTQ2S+ persons are to be accepted ‘with respect, compassion, and sensitivity,” read a news release from King’s.

The release also noted recent comments from Pope Francis, who called on Catholics to develop “the ability to recognize other people’s right to be themselves and to be different.”

More details are on King’s website.