Stay off the ice, city says

File photo courtest of © Can Stock Photo / dbrus

While the lure of a sheet of ice on top of a stormwater pond may be enticing to skaters in London, the city is telling people it’s just not safe.

In a news release issued Thursday, the City of London is warning people to stay off the ice of stormwater management ponds this winter. It says, while the ice may appear thick in some areas, the thickness varies across the surface.

“Snow often obscures holes or thin ice, and it can be difficult to see unsafe ice conditions,” the city said.

The city says there are 50 stormwater management ponds in London, mainly in newer subdivisions. Many of these ponds collect water that has run off of roadways and contains salt, which lowers the freezing temperature of the water. The City did say that, while the ponds are not safe for skating, they are safe to walk around. People just need to stay off the ice.

“If you do see large gatherings of people on the ice and feel it is against the current COVID-19 restrictions in Ontario, you can e-mail,” the city said.