More COVID-19 cases detected at Thames Valley schools

Students wearing face masks in the classroom. (© Can Stock Photo / halfpoint)

Two cases of COVID-19 have been identified at schools in Aylmer.

The Thames Valley District School Board announced on Friday that a positive case of the virus has been confirmed at Davenport Public School. Another positive case was detected at East Elgin Secondary School, bringing the number of active cases at the high school to five.

The school board said it has informed all staff, parents, and guardians within both school communities of the COVID-19 cases. Southwestern Public Health is also working to identify anyone who has come into close contact with the infected individuals.

“If you are not contacted by the health unit, your child is not considered to be at risk. The health unit will only contact those staff and students who have been identified as a close contact, and will advise them to stay home from school and quarantine for a period of 14 days,” the Thames Valley board said in a news release.

Both schools will remain open and school buses will continue to operate.

There are currently 32 active COVID-19 cases in school communities within the Thames Valley district.  Click here for the full list of confirmed COVID-19 cases within the school board. The London District Catholic board has eight active COVID-19 cases. The full list of confirmed cases within the Catholic board can be found by clicking here.