Biden wins U.S. presidential election

Official portrait of Joe Biden in his West Wing Office at the White House, Jan. 10, 2013. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann via Wikimedia Commons)

Democrat Joe Biden became president-elect of the United States on Saturday after winning the state of Pennsylvania, according to projections from several news outlets.

Late Saturday morning, NBC News projected that Biden winning Pennsylvania secured the former vice president enough electoral college votes to defeat Donald Trump.

Biden’s electoral vote count now stands at 284, surpassing the 270 needed to win the White House. Meanwhile, Trump sits at 214 electoral votes.

The call comes four days after Election Day and after several close calls in key battleground states.

Following the news of his victory, former Vice President Biden took to Twitter to declare that he was honoured to have been chosen by the American people.

The 77-year-old will become the 46th president of the United States. Biden is set to assume office in January 2021. Meanwhile, vice president-elect Kamala Harris will become the first woman and first person of colour to hold the office.


Shortly after the announcement, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated Biden and Harris on their win, saying that Canada and the U.S. share a relationship that is unique on the world stage and that he was “really looking forward to working together and building on that.”