Teens play chicken with traffic

BlackburnNews.com file photo (Photo by Jason Viau)

Police in Norfolk County are issuing a warning after a driver had to veer away from a group of teenagers who were deliberately sitting in the middle of a road.

The Ontario Provincial Police said on Sunday at around 8:17 p.m., a 56-year-old resident was driving along Norfolk County Road 23 when they had to take evasive action to avoid hitting the five teens who were in the path of oncoming traffic.

Police said the teens were reportedly playing chicken by sitting in the roadway and moving out of the way at the last minute as vehicles approached.

No injuries were reported as a result of the incident.

The OPP said it is urging parents and caregivers to speak to their children about this kind of “dangerous game” that can have “life-ending consequences.”

“Playing on or near busy roads is not safe. Parents should know where their children are playing and what they are doing when they go out and make sure they are safe and we would urge all parents to speak to their children about the importance of road safety and being safe,” said Inspector Joseph Varga, the detachment commander for the Norfolk County OPP.