Canadians warned not to plant unsolicited seeds arriving in the mail

Unmarked seeds sent through the mail. Photo courtesy of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Unmarked and unsolicited packages of seeds are arriving in Canadians’ mailboxes.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) said it is investigating reports of people, including those in southwestern Ontario, receiving the mysterious packages in the mail. The packages contain a clear pouch of seeds with no label.

In each of the cases reported to the CFIA, the recipient had not ordered the seeds.

“Unauthorized seeds could be the seeds of invasive plants, or carry plant pests, which can be harmful when introduced into Canada. These species can invade agricultural and natural areas, causing serious damage to our plant resources,” CFIA said in a statement on Tuesday.

The agency urged all Canadians never to plant seeds from “unknown origins. Anyone who receives the seeds is advised to contact their regional CFIA office immediately.

“Keep the seeds and packaging, including the mailing label until a CFIA inspector contacts you with further instructions,” said the CFIA.